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Get Into Bed With Google

This is less a complete book and more a ‘pithy little reader’. It offers no verbosity – just 52 simple rules to remember for optimising websites for the ubiquitous Google. It is a difficult book to ‘review’ so probably just an overview and an impression will do it justice. From a ‘how-to’ point of view (which is essentially the genre it fits within) it does exactly what it says on the tin. The book provides you with practical ways to get on top of search engine optimisation written by an internet project manager who has clearly dealt with these kind of questions many times before.

I am reasonably au fait with SEO so there wasn’t any advice within the book which came as any great surprise. There were a couple of suggestions which I raised my eyebrows at slightly as they seemed a little old school (considering the book was only published this year) but it actually did a great job of demystifying things. After finishing this little tract, the mystery of SEO was uncovered quite nicely. Granted, there is more on the technical side to master before you can truly get it right, but the book is only hailed as allowing you to go to your SEO specialist armed with the right questions.

For depth, this isn’t the right book to read. For an overview, it’s perfect. For accessibility, it wins hands down – you don’t need to be a programmer to understand it. And for speed of reading – well, it doesn’t get much quicker than this. But use it to start out, don’t look at it for all of the answers.

Rating: 5/10
ISBN: 978-1-905940-49-3
Publisher: The Infinite Ideas Company
Year: 2008
Date Finished: 10 March 2008
Pages: 180 (small ones!)
Challenge: 1 of 8 of The Pub Challenge (books published in 2008);  1 from category 7: Business Books from the 888 Challenge.


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